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Life On The Streets


DEFINITION:    Street Kid is a term for a homeless child residing primarily in the streets of a city (typically in a developing country). The exact definition of a street child is debatable due to the lack of precise categories.
The term has largely been used in reference to children who live entirely in the streets, without adult supervision or care. They are often subject to
abuse, neglect, exploitation, or, in extreme cases, murder by "clean-up squads" hired by local businesses or police.   (Source: Wikipedia)

Dangers and Abuses Faced By The Street Kids of Haiti

WARNING: Graphic And Disturbing Content

The following contains photographic evidence of the dangers and abuses that the
street kids of Haiti live with day in and day out, making their lives a never-ending nightmare.


In 2005, the spokeswoman for the Haitian National Police, Mdm. Croixcou, made an announcement on radio and television concerning the “plaque of street children” suffered by the descent people and government of Haiti.
In her announcement she stated the police and government’s stance on street children is that they are an eyesore and a disgrace to the Haitian people. She followed this statement by saying that “ It would be much better for these vermin to be either imprisoned or killed rather than to remain on our streets”. Following this announcement, approximately 30 to 35 street children per month, between the ages of 8 and 18, were found by HSKI, executed on the streets of Port au Prince. Between 2004 and 2005 UNICEF reported approximately 700 children were verified as murdered on the streets, but the actual number was much higher.

In Haiti, street children are afforded NO civil or human rights in reality and are turned away from public and
government hospitals when hurt, sick or injured. They have no one to turn to, especially the police who are their biggest fear and primary abusers. There is, as a rule, no penalty, punishment or investigation regarding the abuse or killing of a street kid or restavek slave child. In many instances, HSKI it their only resource for help and support.

Homeless street kids will often sleep during the day in crowded areas in an attempt at having increased security and potentially increased protection from abuse.

Blatant abuse and dangers increase dramatically at night.

At night street kids will usually sleep in large groups in hidden places in attempt avoid police and other abusers. Photo shows group of about 40 boys sleeping in an abandoned concrete pavillion located in the Chan du Mars area of Port au Prince.

Homeless street kid, 8 years old, barefoot and wearing only a large black tee shirt, asleep where he lives in the
Chan du Mars Park, Port au Prince, Haiti.

Danni, 14 y/o street kid, submitting and giving up after being questioned and threatened by Jordanian UN Peacekeeper troops. Danni has a severe speech impediment causing him to speak in a sing-song gibberish and is deaf, unknown to troops who do not speak Haitian Creole which is Danni's language.

Young street kid being targeted during a
"clean up operation", Port au Prince, 2004.

Four street kids questioned by authorities, found to have no identification or address, then executed.

17 y/o street kid, questioned, found to have no ID or address,  searched, then executed.

Street kid shot several times and body left on street
during UN raid on Cite Soleil.

Street kid taken to a ravine in the Gerardo zone of Port au Prince, hands tied behind back, then shot in the head by unknown individuals.

Street kid tied, beaten, stoned, then burned to death for alledgedly stealing a plastic bag containing a sandwich found in the back of a pickup taxi (taptap)

Remains of a young street kid left on the streets for wild dogs after execution during a "clean-up" operation, 2004.

Remains of murdered street kid in a popular dumping site referred to as  Route 9 on the outskirts of Port au Prince, 2004.

Genel, 14 y/o orphaned street kid shot in the back by UN troops while walking past UN Peacekeepers tank.
Hospital refused him treatment and left him on the floor ignored until HSKI and journalist arrived.

Street kid shot in the face by unknown authorities after not responding during a security sweep of Cite Soleil.
No ambulance was called and no sense of urgency by the police or UN troops ensued following the incident. The boy was sat in the back of a police pick-up truck to await transport.

Please join us in our efforts to help these kids escape the horrors and misery of the streets.  Help us to show them that someone cares.

Together we can give these hurting, terrorized and lost children
the life and future they want and deserve.

Be a part of our mission to let them know they are loved and not alone.
Help us give them a way out, with a future worth living for!

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