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New Land In Port au Prince For The Kids In The Camp   -   22 May 2013

On 1 March this year, 2013, the HSKI kids living in Camp Mega4 for the last  three years were abruptly informed by the owner of the land that they have this month to prepare to move out.  The kids have been in this camp since the earthquake that destroyed our big home along with our four safe houses,  There are a total of approximately 2000 individuals and families living in this camp, most of which have absolutely nowhere to go after being evicted.  The police and land owners have come to the camp numerous times, usually in the middle of the night,
 to reinforce this order. Since the beginning of the terror tactics being used for the evictions, there have been four murders to date of mostly young men at the camp.  This came as very devastating and unexpected news to  us all.

Even though the camp is a really miserable and dangerous place to live, filled with disease, violence, heat, moskitos and mud, it was a place to live with very few other options at the timeTo make things worse, the kids are having even more trouble because of the continuous rain.  They are getting completely flooded out every day and night at the camp.  The young man in charge there, said he and all the others with him can't sleep in the house nearly every night unless they sleep sitting up.  They are having to throw out at least 50 buckets of water several times per night from the floor of the house because of the rain and leaks.  The problem is they have no where else to be, until now.   

The good news is that some wonderful people in Australia heard about this and have recently purchased 4 centiemes of land in Port au Prince, about 6,500 sq. ft., and are in the process of having a security wall built around the land for the HSKI kids to move to.  This is really wonderful news and a wonderful thing that they have done for some very deserving kids that have been having a very difficult time of it.

All of this will be completed as soon as possible and the kids will be able to move to their new land in Port au Prince and start building their new homes and shelters. All that is left to do is raise the funds needed to buy materials for the shelters and living supplies. 

That's where all of  you come in!

Newly donated land in Port au Prince where the camp kids will be relocated

The donors of the land have also arranged for a security wall to be built around the land for the security of the kids.  Following this, a water reservoir will need to be dug and built for access to water, as well as constructing toilets and a shower facility. 

What is needed now,  is funds for the boys to begin building their shelters
where they will live until later when real constructed homes are planned to be built.

The big project for HSKI in Jacmel, The HSKI Complex for Displaced Haitian Children, is still in the planning stage and will be realized at a later day, so stay tuned for developments on that.

If you would like to help with the construction of these new shelters for the kids, any and all donations would be gratefully appreciated. 
You can donate online via PayPal, or by mail to the address on the home page of this site.

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Since obtaining the new land in Port au Prince, HSKI would now like to take this opportunity to offer some of the other young children we care for that are still on the streets, a home, protection and an education. For quite a while we have done what we can for these boys that are still out there, but what they want and need is a real home where they know they are loved and protected.
We at HSKI are familiar with approximately 20 - 25 young boys between the ages of 7 and 12 that are in dire need of a home and family, and have been waiting for their chance to be admitted into our home for a long time.  In order for us to do this, each new child must be sponsored by one or more caring individuals willing to offer them a future and this chance at a new, safe life.

 We Are Offering Several Options For Sponsorship Of These New Kids 

1.  For $28 per month, a new child can be admitted and this sponsorship
willl allow us to provide him with a home, good nutrition,
medical care, clothing and all of his personal needs.

2.  With a sponsorship of $50 per month, we will be able to provide
all of the childs basic needs as listed above, as well as enroll him in school
to begin or continue his education, something that most Haitian children
consider their most important and most wanted priveledge.

3.   Another option for sponsorship, is for $100 per month you can provide
for all the childs needs, enroll him into school, and give him a gift each month
of private funds to use for his personal needs and wishes.

If you prefer, the $100 per month sponsorship can be used to provide care and full sponsorship
for 2 new boys instead.  All you need do is message us with your preference.

As Soon As The New Child Is Admitted Into HSKI
You Will Be Informed And A Photo & Bio
Of Your Child Will Be Sent To You.

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