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HSKI Complex-Guest House

Since the founding of Haitian Street Kids, Inc. back in 1999, Family Circle Boys Home, an HSKI facility, was home to well over 250 former street kids and runaway, or rescued, restavek slave children between the ages of 4 and 18.  Their home was a very happy place where they felt secure, protected, cared for and loved.  For most of them, this was the first time in their lives to have this and a home of their own.

All of this tragically ended with the deadly earthquake of 12 January 2010.  This tragedy not only completely destroyed the home and everything in it, but also ended the lives of four of the children.  Along with Family Circle Boys Home, four HSKI safe-houses that were refuge for many of the street kids and runaway slave children were also destroyed.  Since that time, HSKI has finally managed to obtain land where a new home for the children will be constructed, once again giving them a place of their own, and will allow them to escape the misery and dangers of the camps where they are currently located.  This new home will also allow us to accept and care for many more of the very young children still waiting on the streets of Port au Prince.

The new HSKI Complex For Displaced Haitian Children and Outreach Facility will include a large comfortable home for the children, an on-site school, and a clinic open to the resident children as well as any other street kid or homeless child in need.  Once the complex is completed, another very large organization currently working in Haiti and several other countries, has agreed to construct and staff a new state-of-the-art school that will be completely free of charge to all HSKI residents, as well as poor children in the community that are not able to afford and education.


Included in the plans for the complex, will be a quality, secure and economical guest house catering to all guests, supporters of HSKI, visitors and tourists.  The guest house will be open to and welcome all missionary groups, church groups, university groups, and other individual tourist or visitor.
Dormitory accomodations will be available for groups, as well as private rooms for individuals or families.

The guest house will be operated and managed by former graduats of Family Circle Boys Home who are attending or have graduated from one of the schools of hospitality and hotel management authorized by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association.   The onsite restaurant available to guests, will be operated by former graduates of the home that have attended culinary arts training.  Buffet style breakfast and dinner will be free of charge to the guests.  An onsite grill/snack bar will be available, as well as a small boutique convenience store where guests may purchase whatever ammenity or personal items they are in need of.

This guest house will not only be a very welcomed sanctuary and refuge for guests to Haiti, but will also allow the home to be partially self-supporting while providing a valuable and necessary service to our guests. 

Discounted transportation will be made available, as well as translation and guide service provided by English/French/Haitian Creole speaking graduates of the Family Circle Boys Home.

Please do what you can to help with this project by contributing what you can.
You can help with a one-time donation in any amount using any credit card securely online through PayPal by clicking here!

HSKI land and future site of

HSKI Complex & Outreach Center for Displaced Haitian Children


The Sanctuary Guest House

If you prefer, you may also donate by sending check or money order to the HSKI U.S. address at:
Haitian Street Kids, Inc.
5209 Rain Forest Drive
McKinney, Texas 75070-9484

All donors will be kept up-to-date on the progress of the project
and will receive a personal invitation to the grand opening!

Thank you for caring!

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