Haitian Street Kids, Inc.  (HSKI)

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Giving Voice & Refuge To The Abused & Abandoned



Haitian Street Kids, Inc. (HSKI) has provided sanctuary and protection to the orphaned street kids and runaway slave children that flee abuse from cruel owners in Haiti since 1999. We provide shelter, education, nutritional, medical, and legal assistance to former slave children and orphaned street kids, as well as a resource to the more than 3000 street kids in our outreach program. We try to make certain these children receive all they need to reach their potential and achieve their God given right to a free and happy childhood.  We are ardent advocates for these children in our attempt to ensure their civil and human rights are respected.

HSKI was founded by Michael Brewer, RN and opened their first small shelter for the street kids and runaway restavek slave children of Haiti in December of 1999 with five kids ages 7 to 10. We have since had over 200 children in residence.  HSKI also performs outreach services with approximately 3000 other street children and runaway restavek slave children registered with us who we are there for during times of crisis or special need. In most cases, HSKI is the only resource or people they have to call or turn to during these times. HSKI is the only organization that goes directly out to the streets, both day and night, where the children work and live, to serve their welfare. We are on-call for them anytime day or night to provide medical assistance or help with any crisis or problem they may have. 

In 2003 HSKI was given land in a nearby coastal region of Haiti where we have the long-term plan of buiding the HSKI Complex for Displaced Haitian Children.  This complex, when finished, will be home to many more of the street kids and runaway restavek slave children who remain on the streets. It will include a home, school, clinic, church, and a guest house for visitors, tourists and supporters.  Please consider being a part of this new project by offering your support and donations so that together we can provide a home and life to many more deserving street kids still alone and suffering on the streets of Haiti.

HSKI has also recently been given a parcel of land in Port au Prince where we are attempting to build new shelters in order to move the children from the camp where they have been for the past three years. The camp has become increasingly dangerous and it is urgent we remove the children as quickly as possible. You can see more concerning the new land  in Port au Prince for the shelters on the following pages.


If you would like to be a part of our efforts to rescue and sustain these children,
any and all donations will be gratefully appreciated.  Together we can make a difference!

100% of donations go toward their shelter, medical, educational, nutritional and personal needs.

As support for HSKI increases, more frightened and suffering kids will be able to escape the dangers and misery of the streets and be admitted into the HSKI family
.        All donations are tax deductible.

Our U.S. mailing address for donations is:

Haitian Street Kids, Inc.                                                                              Email: HaitianStreetKids@rescueteam.com
5209 Rain Forest Drive                                                         
McKinney, Texas 75070                                                                             Facebook: www.FaceBook.com/HSKI.fanpage

Haitian Street Kids, Inc. (HSKI) is a 501(c)3 Children's Charity,  registered and recognized in both the United States and Haiti. 

IRS Non-Profit Registration No. 74-3116886,  Family Circle Inc. - DBA: Haitian Street Kids

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